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Problem 445

not really composed by Hugh Darwen, 2000
(but now shown to be effectively the same as No. 254--thanks to Bob Bignall for pointing this out)


♠ 32



♣ AJ2

♠ J109



♣ 54

♠ 8



♣ K109876

♠ AKQ7654



♣ Q3

South to make four spades.  West leads the ♠J.

I must apologise for originally claiming this composition for one of mine.  My records show that I adapted it from one I found in Robert Lemaire's collection, that one being effectively identical to No. 254.  It seems my only change was to give North a trump in exchange for a club, so I definitely should have written "after Lemaire" in the attribution.  Now, Lemaire's collection certainly contains a number of problems he didn't compose and I am sure that this is another of those.  Why he saw fit to switch the suits and some of the pips only he would have known.

Successful solvers to date:  Bob Bignall, and I won't accept any more, for obvious reasons.

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        Hugh Darwen, 2004

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