Double Dummy Corner


Problem 385

possibly composed by Robert Lemaire, published in1995,
but turned out to be an effective duplicate of No. 413.
Names of solvers who solved this one have been copied to 413
Added later: see also Pachabo #13!.


♠ AJ106



♣ 8

♠ 9873



♣ QJ109

♠ KQ542



♣ none

♠ none



♣ AK765432

South to make six diamonds.  West leads the 9

Successful solvers:  K.Y. Chen, Şenol Baban, Dennis Wan, Jean-Marc Bihl, Tsuo Chung-Ching, D.C. Lin

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        Hugh Darwen, 2003

Date last modified: 21 December, 2016