Double Dummy Corner


Problem 359

composed by Ernest Pawle, 1959 (corrected by Julian Pottage, 2003)

♠ Q32



♣ A10

♠ 96



♣ Q9875

♠ A1087



♣ KJ62

♠ KJ54



♣ 43

South to make six hearts.  West leads the 8.

I stopped accepting solutions to this problem in May 2016 when the similarity to Competition Problem 133b was pointed ut to me.  Thanks to A.V. Ramana Rao for drawing this to my attention.

Successful solvers to date:  Ahmet Rifat Şahin (who suggests DR3), Bob Bignall (who thinks 3 might be a little high), Dick Yuen (who suggests DR2)

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        Hugh Darwen, 2003

Date last modified: 05 May, 2016