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Problem 288

composed by C.D.P. Hamilton Jr, 1954

(the solution was published 30 years later)

Added later: The composer was the son of C.D.P. Hamilton who was a leading whist player in the 19th century, mentioned in William Butler's biography of W.H. WhitfeldButler's book also contains a biography of Hamilton Sr., who was the author of "the world's largest and greatest book on whist, Modern Scientific Whist" [Coffin], published in 1894 with a second edition in 1896, according to Butler's biography.


♠ AK5



♣ KJ942

♠ Q104



♣ 8765

♠ none



♣ AQ103

♠ J987632



♣ none

South to make four spades.  West leads the A.

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Successful solvers to date:  Sebastian Nowacki, F.Y. Sing

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        Hugh Darwen, 2002

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