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Problem 222

composed by Adrian Putley and Richard Granville, 1975

Possibly the most difficult problem of all time
(or possibly not - is Competition Problem #1 even tougher?)


♠ K1032



♣ A5

♠ Q654



♣ J87

♠ J87



♣ Q96

♠ A9



♣ K10432

South to make five no-trumps against any defence.

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Successful solvers to date:  Jean-Marc Bihl becomes only the second person (after myself, in 1975) to solve this one correctly.  The two composers failed because they thought a diamond lead, ducked by East, would defeat the contract!  Kunal Sengupta then cracked it in March 2007 and Sebastian Nowacki joined this élite band on the last day of 2010.

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