Double Dummy Corner


Problem 203

composed by R.S. Crouch, 1972 (with a tiny  modification suggested by Don Smedley, 1973))


♠ QJ3



♣ 109

♠ 10



♣ Q6

♠ K9872



♣ J8432

♠ A654



♣ AK75

South's contracts are (a) six no-trumps and (b) six diamonds.  In both cases West leads the ♠10. One of the contracts is to be made with the cards as shown, the other after the exchange of the 6 and 9.

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Successful solvers to date:  Jean-Marc Bihl, F.Y. Sing

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        Hugh Darwen, 2002

Date last modified: 11 March, 2017