Double Dummy Corner


Problem 174

composed by George Coffin and Gza Ottlik, 1969

(well, sort of - their original setting was for South to make 6NT, which turned out to be impossible!)


♠ K64



♣ KJ10

♠ J1082



♣ none

♠ 975



♣ Q854

♠ AQ3



♣ A97632

East-West to defeat South's six no-trumps.  West leads the ♠J.

(You have to find declarer's best attempt to make this contract, then show how it fails.)

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Successful solvers to date:  Jean-Marc Bihl, David Grainger, Dick Yuen, Şenol Baban, Black Liang, Dennis Wan, Herstein Liu, Tsuo Chung-Ching, Steven Bloom, Yunfeng Zhu, Jesper Dall, Leigh Matheson, Prahalad Rajkumar

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        Hugh Darwen, 2002

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