Double Dummy Corner


Problem 147

composed by Commander Ernest Pawle, 1966(diamonds revised by Hugh Darwen, 2001)

Pawle published three more problems before he died, later in 1966, while still in his fifties.  Unfortunately DeepFinesse has shown that those last three problems were all  unsound.  The double dummy column in Bridge Magazine was continued under Hugh Darwen from 1966 to 1990, when it moved to International Popular Bridge Monthly, returning again to Bridge Magazine in 1999 until the end of 2000.  It then ran in Bridge Plus until June 2005, when the owner of that magazine decided to revert to single dummy problems.


♠ 54



♣ J

♠ QJ109832



♣ 32

♠ 76



♣ K10984

♠ AK



♣ AQ765

South make five no-trumps.  West leads the ♠Q.

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Successful solvers to date:  Noer Imanzal, Jean-Marc Bihl, Dick Yuen, Steve Bloom, Can Celebi, Barry Rigal

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        Hugh Darwen, 2001

Date last modified: 03 June, 2019