Double Dummy Corner


Problem 22

composed by Ernest Pawle, 1952


♠ J103



♣ 432

♠ 9765



♣ KJ9

♠ 8



♣ 8765

♠ AKQ42



♣ AQ10

South to make four spades.  West leads the 5.

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Successful solvers to date: Jean-Marc Bihl, Steve Bloom, Noer Imanzal, Yaron Ergas, Black Liang, Tsuo Chung-Ching, Richard Astley, Dick Yuen, Yunfeng Zhu, Jesper Dall, Leigh Matheson, Mike Betts, Rajeswar Tewari, Barry Rigal, Horacio Cátera, Prahalad Rajkumar, A.V. Ramana Rao, Ho-Yee So, Yin Yu Lin, Leon Yu

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