Double Dummy Corner


Problem 5

composed by Paul Barden, 1989


♠ K1098

♥ Q1064

♦ none

♣ A9543

♠ A

♥ J987

♦ KQ65

♣ K876

♠ J65



♣ QJ10

♠ Q7432

♥ 32

♦ AJ972

♣ 2

South to make three spades.  West leads the ♠A.

(In 1989 North's clubs were AJ843, East's Q109 and West's K765.  The composer changed them in 2001 on a suggestion by DeepFinesse.)

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Successful solvers to date: Andy Prothero, Dick Yuen, Michael Schreiber, Rajeswar Tewari, Leigh Matheson, Franco Baseggio

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Hugh Darwen, 2001

Date last modified: 26 October, 2019