Double Dummy Corner


Problem 4

composed by Hugh Darwen and  Maurice Weber, 1967


♠ K93

♥ K32

♦ AK10

♣ 9872

♠ QJ10

♥ QJ10

♦ Q876

♣ 1053

♠ 87654



♣ KJ4

♠ A2

♥ A9

♦ J95432

♣ AQ6

South is in six diamonds and East leads a heart out of turn.

Should South prohibit or accept the lead? How is the contract made?

(The laws of bridge have of course been changed since this puzzle was composed, but I think the date on the problem justifies my retaining its original wording.)

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Successful solvers to date: Steve Bloom, Tolga Mert, Daniël de Lind van Wijngaarden, Jean-Marc Bihl, Michael Schreiber, Sanjeev Singh, Clint Fyke, Stephen Dunn, Ergun Bolek, Amar Nath Podddar, Wangjing, Black Liang, Dick Yuen, D. C. Lin, Yang Huai-Fang, Wang Gengliang, Birol Güvenç, Wim van der Zijden, Pengcheng Wu, Rajeswar Tewari

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