Double Dummy Corner


"Pachabo" Collection:  No. 35


The Major

♠ Q7




The Judge

♠ 2



♣ 6542

The Doctor

♠ 96543



♣ 10

The Colonel

♠ AKJ108



♣ 9873

With spades as trumps, the Judge leads the K.  How many tricks can the Colonel and the Major make against best defence?

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Thanks to A.V. Ramana Rao for spotting that this is an almost exact duplicate of Problem 303 in the Coffin Collection.  That problem was composed by William Noall, whose name is linked with the entire Pachabo Collection.

Successful solvers to date:  A.V. Ramana Rao, Wim van der Zijden

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        Hugh Darwen, 2016

Date last modified: 03 June, 2019