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Mistakes From The Media

How often do you spot a mistake in double dummy analysis in some newspaper or magazine column?  I do, quite often, and when I do I usually feel frustrated at not being able to tell anybody.  I have often toyed with the idea of keeping a collection, but it always seemed to be just too much trouble until I set up this web site.

Obviously no offence is meant to the columnists whose mistakes are exposed in this collection and I hope none is taken.

If you have spotted an interesting mistake and you like me to consider it for inclusion in this collection, click here.

I am grateful for contributions to this feature, as the only mistakes I am likely to find myself are those perpetrated by Zia Mahmood and Omar Sharif, theirs being the only bridge columns I regularly read these days!

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And here is a list of links to the entire collection so far, in descending numerical order: 

Mistake #7, Sheehan, 1998 ] Mistake #6, Levy, March 2001 ] Mistake #5, Sharif, 19 August 2001 ] Mistake #4, Lafourcade and Genty ] Mistake #3, Anon, March 2001 ] Mistake #2, Anon, March 2001 ] Mistake #1, Sharif, 1 April 2001 ]

Hugh Darwen, 2001

Date last modified: 03 June, 2019