Double Dummy Corner


Mistake 6

perpetrated by Alain Levy (Le Bridgeur, March, 2001)

♠ QJ104



♣ A1065

♠ A98



♣ K943

♠ K5



♣ Q872

♠ 7632



♣ J

South is declarer in four hearts.

Thanks to Paolo Treossi for this contribution.

Alain Levy reported that the contract was defeated when West led a low spade and defenders played three rounds of that suit, giving East a ruff.  He added his opinion that the contract would also fail against other opening leads.

What did Alain Levy apparently miss?  Is there a non-spade opening lead that allows the contract to be made?  If so, how?

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Successful solvers to date: Neelotpal, Sylvain Schwartz, Stephen Dunn

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Hugh Darwen, 2001

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