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Mistake 5

perpetrated by Omar Sharif (The Guardian, 19th August, 2001)

♠ K763



♣ 864

♠ 42



♣ K10

♠ QJ105



♣ Q9752

♠ A98



♣ AJ3

South is in three no-trumps.  West leads the J.

Sharif described Kerri Sanborn's declarer play on this hand in the 1996 Cavendish, entered for the Best Played Hand Award of that tournament.

Sanborn won the first heart in hand and led a low diamond to West's 10.  "West ... probably does best to continue hearts", writes Sharif. "[However,] West switched to a spade to the ten and ace and Kerri immediately ducked a second diamond.  West exited with a second spade, and Kerri ducked this to East, who got out with a club.

"Kerri played low on this, which, remarkably, was her fourth duck of the hand.  But she had finally got the timing correct ...".  Sharif concludes by explaining how declarer won the heart return in dummy, finessed the J and cashed her red suit winners to squeeze East in the black suits.

What did Sharif miss?  Would you have given Kerri Sanborn the Best Played Hand Award?

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Hugh Darwen, 2001

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