Double Dummy Corner


Mistake 4

perpetrated by Jean-Pierre Lafourcade and Paul Henri Genty

♠ K



♣ 975

♠ 87643



♣ none

♠ QJ



♣ K10832

♠ A10952



♣ AQJ64

South is in six no-trumps.  West leads the ♠4.

This was contributed by Damien Lescot, who found it in these Belgian writers' "Card Play in Team Matches", a book he strongly recommends.

The first trick was won in dummy with the ♠K and the ♣9 was covered by East's ♣10 and South's ♣J, West discarding a heart.  The ♠A, A and Q followed.  East ducked the second diamond, thus preventing declarer from making 12 tricks by overtaking the K.  However, South cashed the K and played four more rounds of spades to endplay West.  North could have finessed the 9 next but did not need to because the A squeezed East (again) anyway.

The authors point out that to be sure of making the described endplay work declarer must be careful to drop the ♠5 under dummy's ♠K at trick 1; otherwise, West can unblock the ♠876 and avoid the throw-in while East discards hearts.  But what did they still apparently miss in this analysis?

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Successful solvers to date: Ton Slings, Stephen Dunn

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