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Mistake 3

♠ K85



♣ 5

♠ 9



♣ AQ842

♠ AQJ10642



♣ 1063

♠ 73



♣ KJ97

East is in four spades.  South leads the A, followed by another diamond.

(contributed by Paolo Treossi)

The reporter related that declarer ruffed the second diamond, crossed to the A and played three rounds of trumps.  On winning the third trump, North led a third diamond.  Declarer ruffed, played a club to dummy's ♣Q and exited with a heart to North's J.  Declarer was now able to ruff the next diamond and play out the trumps to squeeze South in hearts and clubs.

What mistakes in the above sequence of play should perhaps have been mentioned in this report?

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Successful solvers to date: Stephen Dunn

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Hugh Darwen, 2001

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