Double Dummy Corner


Mistake 2

♠ Q95


♦ AJ109875

♣ 6

♠ J762



♣ Q98

♠ 43



♣ J4

♠ AK108



♣ AK107532

South is in four spades.  West leads a heart.

The reporter related that declarer discarded a club on the second heart and ruffed the third in dummy, discarding another club from hand.  The ♣AK were cashed, followed by a club ruffed in dummy.  Next came the A and a diamond ruff, followed by another club ruffed with the ♠Q.  Now declarer ruffed a diamond with the ♠A and led his last club.  West, down to ♠J76, was forced to ruff and return a trump into South's ♠K10.

What mistakes by the defenders should perhaps have been mentioned in this report?

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Successful solvers to date: Bob Bignall

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Hugh Darwen, 2001

Date last modified: 03 June, 2019