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Mistake 1

perpetrated by Omar Sharif, April 2001

♠ J3



♣ K85

♠ Q764



♣ AJ

♠ A52



♣ 10763

♠ K1098



♣ Q942

South is in three hearts.  West leads the 2.

This is from Omar Sharif's column in The Observer (UK Sunday newspaper) on April Fool's Day, 2001.  Sharif related that North won the first diamond, South discarding a club, and led the ♠ J to South's ♠ K, followed by the ♠10 to East's ♠A. "A heart shift might have been best now," wrote Sharif, "but on the actual diamond play [declarer] ruffed and led the ♠ 8, which West did well to cover, forcing declarer to trump in dummy. He then led a club to the queen and ace, and West now played the fourth spade, on which Cohen pitched dummy's club loser as East ruffed."

What mistakes did Omar Sharif make in the foregoing analysis, and what mistakes by the players did he fail to report?

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Hugh Darwen, 2001

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