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Hint #1 for Exchange & Win No. 17

♠ A2



♣ J762

♠ J9873



♣ 954

♠ K



♣ Q3

♠ Q10654



♣ AK108

South is declarer in five no-trumps.  What is the winning exchange?

What sequence of counter-exchanges follows?

Hint towards first winning exchange: South can make 5NT against any lead by West.  After four rounds of each minor suit, losing a trick to East in diamonds on the way, and both major suit aces, there is an easy endplay on West provided that North is now on lead.  West is down to ♠J9 and K and is thrown in on the heart to lead away from the spades.

As North-South is the winning side, we have to exchange one of the East-West cards with another card of the same suit, from one of the other three hands.  The result of the exchange must be that some lead by West now defeats 5NT.  Several such exchanges work, but which is the cheapest under the rules of Exchange & Win?

For example, the Q could be exchanged for East's 8.  The cost of that would be (12-8)x2=8.  Exchanging the ♠J and ♠K is cheaper, at (13-11)x2=4.  Can you find an exchange that is either cheaper than 4, or is also 4 but involving lower cards or a lower suit, as described in Rules 6 and 7?

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        Hugh Darwen, 2001

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