Double Dummy Corner


Exchange & Win No. 3

composed by Damien Lescot, 1996


♠ 5



♣ none

♠ 8



♣ none

♠ 7



♣ none

♠ 962



♣ none

South, on lead, requires 4 tricks at no-trumps.  

What is the winning exchange?

What is the second best exchange?

Damien Lescot composed this miniature to expose a tiny flaw in the rules as stated.  What is that flaw?  I am not pressing Luigi Caroli for a correction, nor do I propose one myself.  Perhaps it is amusing to leave the rules as they are, and maybe occasionally have some more problems like this one.

To send me your solution, click here.

Successful solvers to date: Peter Wallrodt, Leigh Matheson

Leigh Matheson offered the following deal as another illustration of the flaw:

♠ none



♣ 65

♠ 5



♣ KQJ108

♠ 432



♣ 9432

♠ AKQJ109876



♣ A7

What is the winning exchange that allows South to make six no-trumps on a diamond lead?


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Hugh Darwen, 2001

Date last modified: 11 March, 2017