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Curio 8 - "The Unique Winner Challenge"

composed by Stefan Ralescu (2015)

♠ KQJ97



♣ AJ83

♠ 8



♣ Q6542

♠ 105432



♣ 9

♠ A6



♣ K107

South to make seven hearts.  West leads the 8.

This construction appeared here, where you can see the solution if you don't want to solve it yourself, in Bridge World in 2015.  The point is that on the first nine tricks both North and South must play exactly the right card to make sure of the contract.  That mean eighteen consecutive "unique winning moves".  Bridge World readers were challenged to beat this record and according to their web site that challenge remains open.

If you think you can beat or interestingly equal this record,  click here to submit your construction.

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  Hugh Darwen, 2016

Date last modified: 10 September, 2017