Double Dummy Corner


Competition Problem 151a

composed by Hugh Darwen
presented for solving in October 2017


♠ J109



♣ J109876

♠ 432



♣ Q

♠ K65



♣ AK32

♠ AQ87



♣ 54

South is in a contract of one heart (don't ask!).
How can the contract be defeated?

Successful solvers:  Steve Bloom, Ed Lawhon, Radu Mihai, Sebastian Nowacki, Eugeniusz Paprotny, A.V. Ramana Rao, Zoran Sibinović, Rajeswar Tewari, Dick Yuen, Wim van der Zijden.

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There are no interesting endings in this problem but the defence has to be very precise, all the way to trick eleven.

West must lead the Q so that a spade loser can be discarded when East overtakes and cashes the other top club.  East must then return a heart to North’s 10.  Declarer’s best attempt now is to play on spades, but East ducks the first and covers the second.  West ruffs the third spade and must now switch to diamonds.  South captures East’s Q  with the A and loses one to West’s K, giving this position with West on lead and the score 4-4 in tricks:

♠ none



♣ J1098

♠ none



♣ none

♠ none



♣ 32

♠ Q



♣ none

West must lead a trump—otherwise declarer gets the J, a diamond ruff and one more trick with the QJ.  South can discard the diamond loser on a club, but West ruffs and leads a diamond.  The last two tricks are won by either the K and 8 when declarer exits on the Q, or the 8 and K if declarer leads the Q.

See the solution to Competition Problem #4 for the recommended tabular format if you prefer not to write in English prose.

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© Hugh Darwen, 2017
Date last modified: 13 November, 2017