Double Dummy Corner


Competition Problem 146b

composed by Paolo Treossi
presented for solving in April 2017


♠ Q2



♣ 87654

♠ 987



♣ 3

♠ K3



♣ QJ109

♠ AJ10654



♣ AK2

South to make six no-trumps.  West leads the ♣3.

Successful solvers:  Steve Bloom, Ian Budden, Johnson, Radu Mihai, Sebastian Nowacki, Zoran Sibinović, Rajeswar Tewari, Wim van der Zijden.   Tables

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South wins, crosses on a heart and plays four rounds of spades to arrive at this ending, in which South will continue spades, West throwing hearts and North throwing clubs:

♠ none



♣ 87

♠ none



♣ none

♠ none



♣ QJ

♠ 54



♣ A2

On the next spade North throws a club and the squeeze starts on East.

A.      If East discards a heart and a diamond, the A then squeezes West in front of North.  A heart discard gives North two heart tricks and a diamond discard lets declarer establish two diamond tricks for North.

B.      If East discards two diamonds, the A, North discarding the 3, again squeezes West.  A diamond discard gives North two tricks as before, whereas a heart discard allows North to score the A and lead the 3 to the K and A so that North’s Q6 tenace takes the last two tricks.

C.      If East discards two hearts, West and North both discard diamonds on the A and South cashes the J.  Although the A is stranded, the lead of the K guarantees North an entry to make it—via a diamond to West if the K holds.

See the solution to Competition Problem #4 for the recommended tabular format if you prefer not to write in English prose.

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