Double Dummy Corner


Competition Problem 133a

composed by Steve Bloom
presented for solving in March 2016


♠ AKQ4



♣ KJ5

♠ J10965



♣ none

♠ 87



♣ AQ109872

♠ 32



♣ 643

South to make three no-trumps.  West leads the ♠J.

Successful solvers:  Ian Budden, Leigh Matheson, Radu Mihai, Sebastian Nowacki, Zoran Sibinović, Wim van der Zijden      Tables

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Declarer aims to endplay East in clubs such that when North makes a trick with the K, West is squeezed in three suits.

North wins the first trick and leads a heart, South playing low.  East does best to continue the suit to South’s A.  South then cashes one top diamond.

A.      If East drops the Q, South exits on the 2, establishing a tenace in the suit.  The next three tricks are won by the J and North’s top spades, South discarding a low club, to give this ending with either North or South on lead:

♠ 4



♣ KJ5

♠ 109



♣ none

♠ none



♣ AQ1092

♠ none



♣ 64

A club is played, North contributing the 5 and South the 6!

1.       If East wins, the next trick makes North’s K a winner and triple squeezes West.

2.       If the 6 wins, West does best to discard a spade but South exits on the heart and North jettisons the blocking diamond so that the K5 take the last two tricks.

(Actually, if South is on lead, then West must have exited on a spade after winning the second diamond, in which case North could simply have led any club immediately and the 6 is irrelevant.  But the above play is necessary if West exits on a heart.)

B.      If East still has the Q, North is entered on a spade and will lead a club lower than the K, either immediately or after cashing the last top spade on which South throws a club.  East must take this trick.

1.       If East still holds the Q and plays it, South ducks to force a club lead up to North’s K.  Even if East does not cash the A, West is triple-squeezed.

2.       If East plays the A and then the Q, South ducks and West has already been squeezed.

3.       If East plays A and another club, South discards a diamond and West is squeezed.

4.       If East plays a low club, North wins and, assuming West has discarded a diamond in preference to giving away the ninth trick immediately, South plays K and another to establish the ninth trick in diamonds with the J as entry.

Traps:  If South wins the first heart and leads another, East wins and returns a spade.  Declarer can now cash the top diamonds and try to throw East in with a club, but East plays the 2 to put paid to that idea!  And if North plays a higher club on the first round of that suit in line A, or advances the K in line B, then East ducks, of course.

See the solution to Competition Problem #4 for the recommended tabular format if you prefer not to write in English prose.

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