Double Dummy Corner


Competition Problem 82b

composed by Sebastian Nowacki


♠ 92



♣ none

♠ 8



♣ 876542

♠ 73



♣ none

♠ 54



♣ 9

North is on lead at no-trumps. North-South to make 6 tricks.

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Successful solvers:  Steve Bloom, Ian Budden, Leigh Matheson, Ian McGarrett, Pavel Střķ˛, Daniel de Lind van Wijngaarden, Dick Yuen, Wim van der Zijden


North cashes the 8.  If West discards a club, North follows with the ♠2 to West’s ♠8 and then the forced club to South’s ♣9, North discarding the ♠9 either now or on the 7, catches East in a repeated squeeze.  If West instead discards the ♠8, North plays 9 and another heart so that East must either concede two spade tricks or let South make two minor suit winners in addition to North’s ♠9.

See the solution to Competition Problem #4 for the recommended tabular format if you prefer not to write in English prose.