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Competition Problem 7

composed by Eugenius Paprotny
presented for solving in September 2005


♠ AKJ4



♣ 10654

♠ Q1093



♣ 97

♠ 87



♣ KQJ83

♠ 652



♣ A2

South to make three no-trumps.  West leads the 8.

Successful solvers:  Robin Adey, Jean-Marc Bihl, Clint Fyke, Dick Yuen, Wim van der Zijden

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South lets East hold the first trick and the second, in clubs.  The ♣A wins the third, and South advances the 8 (or 10).

A.      If West ducks, four rounds of spades follow, South discarding a heart.  West's forced red suit return concedes the eighth trick.  If it is a heart, South wins two hearts and easily makes two of the last three tricks in diamonds.  If it is a diamond, three rounds of diamond endplay West again.

B.      If West covers, North wins and leads a second diamond (optionally cashing a top spade first), South playing the middle card.

1.       If West wins and returns the 7, North plays the 9 and South overtakes.  South leads the 6, North finessing the J.  A top spade is cashed if it wasn't cashed at trick 5, South playing the 5 on it in either case.  South comes to hand on the fourth diamond.  Now, if West still has the 3, South cashes the A and makes two spade tricks by finessing the 4; otherwise, two rounds of spades throw West in for a heart lead into South's A-J.

2.       If West ducks, South leads the 6 to North's J and North cashes a top spade.  If West still has the 3 now, North's next card is the 9; otherwise it is the 4.  In the first case, either West ducks again, in which case North cashes the other top spade and throws West in as a stepping-stone to South's hearts, or West wins and lets South get in with the last diamond to score the A and finesse the 4.  In the second case, South plays the Q, forcing West to win and return the suit.  But again North plays A and the last spade to make West a stepping-stone to the hearts.

See the solution to Competition Problem #4 for the recommended tabular format if you prefer not to write in English prose.

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