Double Dummy Corner


Competition Problem #1

composed by

 Hugh Darwen and DeepFinesse, 2000
improved by Vincent Labbé, 2008


♠ K654

♥ 65

♦ A95432

♣ A

♠ AJ87



♣ J1097

♠ 10



♣ 865432

♠ Q932

♥ A10982

♦ QJ

♣ KQ

South to make three spades. West leads the J.

To send me your solution, click here.

I think this is possibly the most difficult problem I have ever composed, though I have to admit that the idea was mostly DeepFinesse's!  It started life as a random deal in which I found some interesting points in DF's analysis.  If you send me a correct solution you will certainly be awarded the maximum 8 DD Master Points (and therefore 2 Star Points).  I assume that solutions are arrived at without the aid of computer programs like DeepFinesse.

Vincent Labbé's improvement was in the spade suit.  In the previous version East had the singleton ♠J opposite West's ♠A1098.

Successful solvers of 2000 version: Andy Prothero, Michael Palitsch, Leslie Cass, Jean-Marc Bihl, Ahmet Rifat Şahin, Bircan Öztürk, Sebastian Nowacki ...

... and of 2008 version:  Peter Li (October 2013)

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Date last modified: 10 April, 2017